Youth Activities
Data Arts Announcements and discussions of Data Expeditions and other workshops organised by the School of Data chapter in Switzerland.
Hackathons Here are hackathons we go to, organise, promote. Please feel free to send us your tips! Don't know what a hackathon is, or curious about getting started? Give "<a href="">Make the most of Hackathon season</a>" a read.
DINAcon Hacknight The <strong><a href="">DINAcon Hacknight</a></strong> is a way to learn about and contribute to Open Source projects in a hands-on way. This event is open to all and caters to all levels of technical skill. Our focus will be on all projects nominated and showcased at <a href="">DINAcon 2017</a>, with committers and experts available on hand to guide you through to your first bug report or code commit!

Upcoming Events [Events] (1)
HACKnight / Challenges [DINAcon Hacknight] (1)
[19.10] DINAcon + Hacknight 2018 [Hackathons] (2)
[17.9] LegalTech hackathon [Hackathons] (3)
[15.9] Hackéspace [Hackathons] (2)
Swiss Digital Day ZH Hackathon [Hackathons] (1)
[7.-9.9.] Open Food Data x Smart Kitchen Hackdays [Hackathons] (7)
[18.9] Adventures in Data Visualization Food Edition [Events] (3)
[8.9] Wikidata Hackathon [Hackathons] (5)
[14.9.] Build a Binder workshop [Events] (2)
[23.11] Mehrsprachigkeit 4.0 [Hackathons] (1)
[25-26.8] Truth WIthin STatistics [Hackathons] (5)
[22-30.6] MakeZurich 2018 [Hackathons] (3)
[26-28.10] Open Cultural Data Hackathon [Hackathons] (3)
[21.9] OpenCon Switzerland [Events] (1)
[24-26.8] BärnHäckt [Hackathons] (1)
[3.7] [Events] (5)
L'équipe de #datagueule présente son film à Genève [Events] (4)
[16.6] Hack'n'Lead [Hackathons] (1)
[18.5] Agricathon Wallis [Hackathons] (1)
[27.4] Realtime content production workshop [Data Arts] (2)
HKB workshop on data visualization [Data Arts] (1)
[3.3] Open Data Day [Events] (6)
Sustainability Week 2018 [Events] (2)
[1-2.3] SRF DRS Hackdays [Hackathons] (3)
[31.5] Open Data Student Award [Events] (1)
[16-17.2] Food Open Data Hackdays [Hackathons] (3)
[24.11] DataJamDays 2017 [Events] (4)
Open Food Hackdays 2018 [Hackathons] (3)
[27.10] [Hackathons] (4)