[17.9] LegalTech hackathon


I hope to take part again and support the LegalTech hackathon in Zürich on September 17 - 18, which Opendata.ch has partnered with last year already to support R&D projects with datasets related to law and legal data.

This is an area that is central to open data activism, both from the perspective of understanding the licenses and regulation enabling openness, as well as the day-to-day interests of a community that tests the status quo, critically examining the mechanisms and barriers to the free exchange of information between individuals and institutions.

Lawyers are key to success and changemaking in the modern world, and so I am enthusiastic about attempts to use data sources to build A.I. lawyers, build transparent trust models on the blockchain, and improve the quality of open government data for understanding legislation and court decisions.

Take a look at the event home page if you are interested:

In the run-up to the event I will paste some projects I’m trying to support and ideas with potential. If you have any more to share, please use this thread or reach out via chat or social media.