[3.7] Opendata.ch/2018


We are still cooling down from the Food Hackdays while work continues on a 2020+ strategy in parallel to many other projects, not least of which our data literacy initiative. This year’s conference will take us to St. Gallen in the northeast of the country, where we also hosted a hackathon in 2016.

I’m very much looking forward to running a BarCamp-style unconference along the lines of Opendata.ch/2016. You can already submit any open data projects you wish to show & share here:

And don’t forget - if you have recent student work with open data, you may be eligible!

Opendata.ch/2018. July 3, 2018: the day. FHS St. Gallen: the place. Be there, or be square. 'nuff said :wink:

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