Introducing sodabotnik


While the IT world gets swept up in excitement over conversational interfaces, I’ve been keen to learn emerging best practices and design principles in this area. Have any bots made your day (or ruined it…) lately? Some friends of mine are working on apps with AI messaging functions, and it’s just a really exciting area to apply computational thinking. So I started a project based on GitHub’s Hubot project, and yesterday @sodabotnik said hello in our Slack #projects channel:

I’ve taught sodabotnik to respond to requests for fresh open government data, a request handily performed using the CKAN API of

You can also search for datasets by typing some other word after “more”, e.g.:

Type @sodabotnik help for a list of other standard commands you can try out. Not in our Slack community yet? Subscribe to the list to get an invite.

Once the capabilities become a little more interesting, we can let our AI loose on the world. Or, well, at least Twitter. To get there sooner, feel free to fork and contribute to sodacamp/sodabotnik

Infrastructure workshop #opendatach 2017
[10.7] ADV17 Virtual Reality workshop
[10-11.2] Food Open Data Hackdays
[1-5.3] 1001^2 @ MuDA
IPython (or R) notebooks developed (in hacking events and alike)