Powercoders Lausanne needs you!


Powercoders is the project I helped with in their Bern pilot:

They have had a successful second batch in Zürich, and are now heading west - la Suisse romande awaits. The next program will take place in Lausanne, starting on the 23rd of April. They are looking for

  • Refugees: with B or F status, fluent in English, and with talent for IT.
  • IT companies: in Lausanne, Geneva and the surrounding area who are able to provide internships (6 to 12 months) starting in August.
  • Developers / IT professionals: who like to join us for half days to support our students as coaches.
  • Mentors: who are open to support one of our students in a 1to1 mentoring program to enable their way into the Swiss IT industry.

Please help spread the word and visit for more information and the application.