What tools do we use for data wrangling?


NEW: :construction: :hammer_and_wrench: - a collection of open source tools organised and presented according to the School of Data pipeline.

Other software used regularly by folks around here:

Spreadsheets: LibreOffice Calc, Recline.js, Google, Ethercalc

Making charts: Datawrapper,, D3.js & NVD3, Chartist.js

Processing and transforming: OpenRefine, R-Fiddle, PyData

With free online apps like DataBasic, IFTTT and anyone - regardless of coding ability - can start making things with data right away!

Visit the Data Journalism Handbook to learn how data visualisation works, and for more…tools. To learn to explore tabular data, check out the Analyzing data, Cleaning data and Spreadsheet Formulae tutorials.

For geodata wrangling visit our Open mapping workshop thread.

Further lists of data wrangling tools can be found at the wiki, the School of Data Handbook and Open Knowledge labs.

Feel free to share your own!

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